Security Game Changers

Security’s most recent game changers are system integration and Web-based applications. Beside the details embedded in much emerging technology, security leaders should keep a sharp eye on “game changers.”

Just yesterday, the game changer was the concept of an application or “app” store pioneered by Apple and its iPhone. These apps extend the use of a smart device and allowed users to do more with less hardware. It pushed the security professions forward as security products integrated with smart phones and other smart devices.

When internet protocol or IP was a new concept we all had to adapt to security video, access control, communications and power being delivered over Ethernet. It change things. Then, came the introduction of virtualization. Ethernet and virtualization were ways to deliver the same product in a faster, more reliable, and overall better way and it brought us to places we have not been before.

Security products that are game changers enhance the value of the work that we do which typically leads to increased sales. It opens doors and allows us the ability to impress our existing customers and create new business relationships, specifically with key stakeholders.

You don’t have to change the way you do things for each game changing moment, but not acknowledging the benefits of them can stunt your business.